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The Flood of 1937

The Overlook is a bit like Noah and the Ark. Everything around here dates back from after the flood. During the flood, 'Old Leavenworth' was washed away. This caused the townsfolk to move up on the bluff next to the Breeden property. A little over 10 years later the Overlook opened its doors in 1948.

Humble Beginnings

Since money was short, only a little café and grocery store opened. The grocery was on the second floor of the original O-HI-View chicken hatchery, which was built in 1929. The gasoline pumps in front helped to supplement income.

Go Greyhound

After it became a Greyhound Bus stop everything picked up. Somewhere between then and now, people began calling it the 'Overlook' Restaurant. Soon after running water and a toilet were installed in the basement.

News Travels

Tourists that stopped by used words like quaint or unique when describing the Overlook to their neighbors and friends back home. Soon everyone's neighbors and friends began to visit.


At this point we moved the restrooms upstairs and made a separate one for the women with warm water and roller towels. A while back we thought the place needed sprucing up. We tore down an old barn and used the beams and the planks from it to fix up the inside; we call it the Barn Room. Recently two new dining rooms were added along with a large deck and lower level party room. We've gone from 32 seats to 225 seats. That's a lot of seats for a town of 300 people.

Adding Walter's Pub

In May 2010 we opened Walter's Pub, located in the basement of the building. This new pub features over 20 different types of beer including many draft and craft beer selections. Walter's serves mixed drinks as well as a full food menu consisting of pizza and sandwiches. Customers can sit out on the deck and enjoy a spectacular view of the Ohio River.

Throughout all the above changes, the one thing that remained the same was our food. If you are ever in Leavenworth, Indiana, stop by. After all of this, you will understand our common pride when we say 'High Point in Dining along the Ohio.'

Previous owners:

  • Russell & Ellen Breeden (original)
  • Mrs. Marjorie Pate & Flora McFall
  • Sam & Hilda Reily
  • Dr. & Mrs. James McClintock
  • Doug & Josie Breeden
  • Roger & Karen Haverstock (present)
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